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My Teaching Philosophy - piano teacher

  I believe every student is creative, talented and able to learn. No two students are the same, that's why there is an individual learning plan for every child and adult.  

 My purpose is to promote love and passion of music, and teach the right skills to enjoy it to the fullest

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       In a nation that values economic growth, music as an art doesn’t attract much attention. We have to become activists for arts to help its survival.  We shouldn’t think about our art only as a beautiful music that is played in concert halls on special occasions. The potential role of music is to become a part of our everyday life.  Art is the transformation of the ordinary, it is different and unexpected.  It is not to be judged in competition, it is the way to think about something in a different way. It is a wonderful world where imagination has no borders and everything is possible. Students could learn things from the arts that they could not learn from any other sources. It offers a space where our emotions and dreams can live, grow and blossom. We provide a space where changers may occur.


         Young students are supposed to play the music the same way they read the books – with curiosity and excitement. The way to the world of fantasy and creativity can be discovered by an experienced musician who knows all the specifics of the instrument and could be a perfect model to imitate.  Don’t trust your child to a person who just knows the notes and the names of keys on the keyboard.  Some parents are not sure about it: “He is just trying it out, let’s see if he likes it." The way the first teacher will conduct the first piano lessons very much will depend on how the student will accept the music study in the future: if it’s fun or just a lot of boring rules he has to follow. At the same time, the proper hand position and “friendly habits” to do it right are much easier to establish from the beginning than to correct them later.
         From the very first lesson, we want a student to hear the music. it is supposed to be a goal, the source of enjoyment. Rhythm, notes and everything else is the way to create music- such philosophy is very common for a professional teacher. Emotional involvement of the young piano student is not an optional part of his  education but is a necessity to overcome some future challenges of piano technique, sight reading, and proper fingering.
         The piano lesson is the way for a student to open up a new world of emotions and reflections of the world around him. The price of not getting to the heart of the art is high.